Glove your body, would like to give a BIG, BIG WELCOME to the following NEW stockists:

Classes Lake Pharmacy, Brideswood Ovens, Co Cork
O’Reilly’s Pharmacy, Bishopstown, Co Cork
River Stick Pharmacy, River Stick, Co Cork
Flanagan’s Pharmacy, Shop Street, Co Galway
Whelan’s Pharmacy, Williamsgate street, Co Galway
Ballybane Pharmacy, Ballybane S.C, Co Galway
Ballymote Pharmacy, Ballymote, Co Sligo
Briarhill Pharmacy, Ballybrit, Co Galway
Daarwood Pharmacy, Newcastle West, Co Galway
Falvey’s Pharmacy, Bridge street, Co Cork

For a list of further stockists in you area go to our website

The Glove your body staff would like to wish all its customers and the new owners of the ultimate luxury dual tanning mitt a happy Friday and a happy tanning weekend with the new glove in you life

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